Truth and Illusion

Yianni Stamas Talks a Bit About Illusion and Truth on New Year’s Eve

A New Year Philosophical Moment

On this New Year’s Eve, as we are about to enter 2021, the hope is that it will be a year of fewer complications than 2020, such as the Pandemic and a divided America. I get asked sometimes what is meant by Marketer Magician’s phrase “Bringing Closer Together Illusion and Truth?”

A Sense of Ourselves

The best person to answer this question would be Marketer Magician himself. I have had many conversations with him about this concept and I think that he may be speaking of the way that many of us have a sense of ourselves which does not necessarily coincide with reality.


I know this is a constant battle internally for me. Interestingly enough though, is that many who are driven, seem to be doing so because of a seemingly a self-aggrandizing false belief they have of themselves. Though, ironically, if they are very passionate about that thing and don’t have a lot of self doubt standing in their way, they have a shot at becoming quite successful. In other words, maybe the seemingly untrue sense of themselves they had in the beginning, does over time as they accomplish certain goals, become a reality?!

Two Brothers with Different Outcomes

There are two brothers (not the Stamas Bros!), one who I met early on and the other who I got to know better while he was in the beginning stages of his career. The brother who I got to know better than the other is quite successful now and you likely have heard of him. While the other brother is much less known.

Most Likely to Succeed?

They both grew up with the same father and mother and both brothers were very ambitious while they were young. But for some reason only one brother realized his ambitions while the other has not. And the funny thing is that the brother who is currently seemingly unhappy with his life, was, at a certain point early on, thought to be the one most likely to succeed!

Which is the Correct Truth?

So, even though the goal might be to bring closer together illusion and truth, maybe those who we sometimes think have illusions (or even delusions) about their personal truth, can prove us all wrong. How? Possibly because their truth was the right truth all along?!

Happy New Year 2021 everyone and may you and your illusions and truths come closer together in the New Year!