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What is the Relationship Between Marketing and Magic?

Different Ways of Using Illusion

What is the relationship between marketing and magic? That’s a big question isn’t it? Needless to say I’m exploring this query of course because my name is Marketer Magician. When I ask myself why I was drawn to both marketing and magic I’d have to say that the connection does have to do with illusion. Illusion though used in different ways.

One is Not a Trick and the Other Is

For the marketer illusion is hopefully, actually, an amplifier, using the tricks of illusion to make larger the truth of the product being sold. If someone sees the illusion of a product that is not aligned with honesty and sincerity, when they actually maker their purchase and try the item, it had better be everything promised. If not, it was just a trick getting them to buy the merchandise.

“Marketer” and “Magician.”

On the other hand, illusion for magicians is the result of trade secrets used by her or him to make something that defies science happen. So the magician hides behind illusion while the marketer brings for the truth using similar tools. On a side note regarding science, it is interesting how it evolves and soon things that were tricks of the magic trade are commonplace in the world of technology. That’s why many magicians move toward mentalism. Because there still is one big mystery which is the mind. And in the end the Marketer side brings forth the truth to the mind of the buyer and the Magician displays the tricks of the mind. Both using illusion in different ways. That is what Marketer Magician is all about!