Ten Steps to Magic

“Method How,” a possible site to be created with a focus on providing a “Method How” to do various things, and brings up a question as to whether or not a “Method How” to do something is vital to success? Some say “yes” while others say “no.”

Get ready to be startled by how easy it may soon be to get trade secrets of for which the “Method How” was once gold. “Method How,” if it does become a reality as a website, will have the goal to make things easier for people in terms of running their businesses as well as having a better, more enjoyable life.

And from a mathematical standpoint it is interesting to note that the plan at this stage, is to have all “Method How” strategies be exactly ten action steps long. Pushing further into the math might also mean that each of those ten steps, if desired, could be themselves then divided. Meaning that a single step could become ten steps. And if this was done step by step, Ten steps could become one hundred steps.

Here at “Marketer Magician,” due to the fact that we are a part of the Blog Coalition, were able to access a step by step example of steps to take toward success. Please note that these steps are not the “how” it is done but rather are just steps. The “how” of each step would come later if “Method How” gets the green light. Here are the ten steps to a possible marketing solution for entrepreneurs.

Method How to Understand Customers Better?
Method How to Find out Where Your Customers are?
Method How to Get Customers to Know You Exist?
Method How to Have Customers Come to You?
Method How to Make Your Customers Happy?
Method How to Keep You Customers with You?
Method How to Get Customers to Get You More Customers?
Method How to Always Have New Customers?
Method How to Have Best Products/Services for Customers?
Method How to Win Competition and Get Customers First?

We, as well as other members of the Blog Coalition, will do our best to keep you updated if in fact “Method How” turns out to be launched.