Truth and Illusion

Take Heed of the Manhattan Magician

Actual Abilities?

Manhattan Magician, earlier today, released a new post to the world and in it he warned all magician entertainers to be careful because some members of the public want to believe that magicians posses actual bonafide magical abilities which they do not.

A Game of Truth

Some persons are chomping at the bit to perceive tricks as being demonstrations of real powers. And no matter what magicians and mentalists attempt to do to clear up any misunderstanding, these individuals will only become even more obsessed that a magician who wants to bring enjoyment to the world actually practices necromancy and other spiritual arts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Magicians Can Replicate

Look, we’re finally in the “New Age” that people talked about for eons and as of yet no “psychic” has been able to produce magic effects that magicians are not able to replicate.

Only One Thing

So it is expressed, with kindness…Magicians are entertainers only.