Magic & Media

I Wanted a Dick Tracy Wristwatch

Not Exactly What I Wanted

As a kid magician I used to love television. I thought it was great. viewing it was thing closest to having a TV wristwatch like the cartoon character Dick Tracy. I didn’t become a junior conjurer until I was 8 years old, but at 6, I asked for a Dicky Tracy TV watch for Christmas. Unfortunately, that year all I got from Santa was a bow and arrow set. Needless to say I was very disappointed and never touched the Kris Kringle gift.

Looking in a Mirror

When I did officially become a kid magician at age 8 I had not given up on getting a watch like Mr. Tracy. Though, I had long ruled out ever receiving such an electronic device from the heavy man in the red suit. Magic became my obsession and one of the ways I coped with my childhood. I used to devour every library book I could get at  793.8. and inundated myself with legerdemain effect after legerdemain effect. My mirror became my friend as I practice and practiced and oh yes, practiced.

My Influences

Now all these years later at 58, I have returned to magic and reawakened my dream of the Tracy vid wristwatch. I know, I know, there’s the Apple Watch, but as of this writing, it does do FaceTime but only with audio, that might as well be a regular phone guy. But long I go I switched from Apple and am now more of an Android guy anyway. Influenced by the video watch desire and having returned to conjuring,

Here Comes Marketer Magician

I created the Marketer Magician character that is really a mix of the two ideas: video and marketing meets magic. I have already performed a mentalism trick publicly that got a good response from the audience. I invented this effect and now can invent many more. Tracy’s wrist candy is still in the back of my mind as I venture forth with the Marketer Magician persona.