Dream a Magic Dream

A magician we know well is writing a book about getting on your billionaire path. We thought this might be of interest to marketer magicians. Here’s is an excerpt from the eBook work in progress:

Getting a Rush from the Process

The advice from most billionaires is to not be afraid to DREAM BIG. For many it is the fun of the process and overcoming obstacles as being an exciting sport of sorts. There have been reports that billionaires think of the rush they get when they get one step closer to realizing their plan, their dream.

Are You Having Fun?

A lot of individuals we explored said that they do what they do because it is fun to them. They ask the question “Why do it if you are not having fun.” In that sense this is why getting on the billionaire path may not be for you. Do you take failure personally? You may not have what it takes, because a special quality that billionaires have is to always believe they are right, and the others are wrong. And true billionaires who are wrong don’t necessarily acknowledge the mistake and instead forge ahead with a new variation of their plan.

Will Reach the Base in Time?

The real point we are trying to make is that unless you enjoy being on the road of having excitement of ups and, yes, downs, getting on the billionaire path may not be for you. And the path is always changing because the world and technology are ever changing, as is the financial context and more. You need to be able to reset. To recognizing where things are going ahead of what others may think, and then acting accordingly to get to the base first.