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“Cause Marketing” to Promote Your Business as You “Give Back” – It all Starts with Digital”

Marketer Magician makes a Suggestion to Small Businesses to “Give Back” Via Cause Marketing”

Hi, thank you for joining us. My name is Marketer Magician and in this brief post I am going to talk about “Cause Marketing” and how today, more than ever, whether you are a business owner or are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, the web truly does provide an opportunity.

What is the Opportunity?

The opportunity consists of showing how you, as an American, can learn how to grow your business online, one strategy at a time. How? Imagine if there was such a thing as being able to Celebify your business and make it well known? Or wouldn’t it be fun if you could Become a Mentalist and and predict the future to know your best next business move? Or how about being in one of the most challenging cities in the world? Would you like to have the confidence to be like “Manhattan Magician” and take on and win against intensive competition in NYC? And how about if you could do so, as if by magic? Sound too good to be true? Here is where “Causing Marketing” comes in.

What is Cause Marketing?

Cause Marketing is a method of promoting yourself or your business, that involves, you, the business owner, sponsoring a nonprofit or other local community group or national “Cause.” The idea is a win-win situation through which everyone involved benefits. The community receives help with issue being dealt with, while the local entrepreneur who puts it together is happy to help because that person receives interest from the community regarding their products and services.

Doing Our Part Can be Magic

Doing our part is doing our best to remain upbeat in these days of COVID. It’s not easy for many of us, but some vendors have it especially challenging. This tends to be true of those who do not have enough of their products and services converted to digital capabilities. These days, going digital can protect your business. How? Because it is not about just in-person commerce but can continue to function as long as that person has online access and therefore can log into managing their online products and services! It is really that simple. More on this soon in one of the blogs of the Blog Coalition!