Yianni Stamas Talks a Bit About Illusion and Truth on New Year’s Eve

A New Year Philosophical Moment

On this New Year’s Eve, as we are about to enter 2021, the hope is that it will be a year of fewer complications than 2020, such as the Pandemic and a divided America. I get asked sometimes what is meant by Marketer Magician’s phrase “Bringing Closer Together Illusion and Truth?”

A Sense of Ourselves

The best person to answer this question would be Marketer Magician himself. I have had many conversations with him about this concept and I think that he may be speaking of the way that many of us have a sense of ourselves which does not necessarily coincide with reality.


I know this is a constant battle internally for me. Interestingly enough though, is that many who are driven, seem to be doing so because of a seemingly a self-aggrandizing false belief they have of themselves. Though, ironically, if they are very passionate about that thing and don’t have a lot of self doubt standing in their way, they have a shot at becoming quite successful. In other words, maybe the seemingly untrue sense of themselves they had in the beginning, does over time as they accomplish certain goals, become a reality?!

Two Brothers with Different Outcomes

There are two brothers (not the Stamas Bros!), one who I met early on and the other who I got to know better while he was in the beginning stages of his career. The brother who I got to know better than the other is quite successful now and you likely have heard of him. While the other brother is much less known.

Most Likely to Succeed?

They both grew up with the same father and mother and both brothers were very ambitious while they were young. But for some reason only one brother realized his ambitions while the other has not. And the funny thing is that the brother who is currently seemingly unhappy with his life, was, at a certain point early on, thought to be the one most likely to succeed!

Which is the Correct Truth?

So, even though the goal might be to bring closer together illusion and truth, maybe those who we sometimes think have illusions (or even delusions) about their personal truth, can prove us all wrong. How? Possibly because their truth was the right truth all along?!

Happy New Year 2021 everyone and may you and your illusions and truths come closer together in the New Year!

Sometimes Illusion is Better than Truth

It all started with a cockroach in my coffee.

My wife works in one room and I in the other, both of us pounding on laptops much of the day. Coffee is our primary stimulant in the morning. I usually make the java, and it is strong. I can’t stand coffee that is weak.

We both use our cups to take action with the stimulant drug. She is probably a bigger drinker of the beverage than I am. I usually have had 2 cups by the time she has had 3. So, for some reason I was compelled to go to the coffee pot and taking the last cup of the hyper juice. I asked her first of course if she wanted more and she said “no.”

I didn’t notice it at first, but as I took my mug of coffee to the room I work in, I noticed it. Yes, that’s right, I had a roach in my coffee. Thank goodness I had the last cup. The roach must have gotten in there after my wife got her last dose. I thought quickly. Should I tell her? No, that would not be a great idea, especially since it did not directly affect her. She had, had pure coffee, no bugs included.

For a moment I stood there with my insect concoction. Obviously I wasn’t going to drink it. If it was a grasshopper I might think twice because I hear they have a lot of protein. But cockroaches are know as dirty, filthy insects that spread disease.

I walked back to the the kitchen were the coffee is made and poured the contents of my cup into the sink. I had intended to use a paper towel to pick up, kill and then dispose of the cockroach. But I never had a chance to do this. The bug, now dead, went down the drain with the coffee. Then to justify me standing by the slink, I began to wash the dishes that had been put there.

When I finished I took a breath and walked back to the room I was working in and started hammering away on my computer. I was working on this story of course. Then my 11 year old daughter entered the area I was working in. She was on a break from distance learning school and told me about an idea she had to do a reality show about two buff people, a man and a woman. They were staying home because of the Pandemic. And due to the fact they were body builders, the conflicts on the show would be topics like “Who took my protein powder! Did you take my protein power?! Where is my protein power!”

She became curious about what I was writing and moved over to me, looking over my shoulder and saw the first line of this post:

“It all started with a cockroach in my coffee.”

She said she loved the first line and wanted to read the piece. I managed to get her to go to my wife and tell her about the reality pitch. She agreed and left. Now Here I am. No one is aware of the bug incident, nor will I say anything. Though, knowing my daughter she will read this blog entry.

“So if you are reading this my precious daughter, please don’t mention this to mom. She has an insect phobia and it will not help to reveal this incident. Why? Because sometimes illusion is better than truth!”

Take Heed of the Manhattan Magician

Actual Abilities?

Manhattan Magician, earlier today, released a new post to the world and in it he warned all magician entertainers to be careful because some members of the public want to believe that magicians posses actual bonafide magical abilities which they do not.

A Game of Truth

Some persons are chomping at the bit to perceive tricks as being demonstrations of real powers. And no matter what magicians and mentalists attempt to do to clear up any misunderstanding, these individuals will only become even more obsessed that a magician who wants to bring enjoyment to the world actually practices necromancy and other spiritual arts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Magicians Can Replicate

Look, we’re finally in the “New Age” that people talked about for eons and as of yet no “psychic” has been able to produce magic effects that magicians are not able to replicate.

Only One Thing

So it is expressed, with kindness…Magicians are entertainers only.