Steps to Create

Steps to Create and Invent Magic Tricks, Stage Illusions and Mentalism Effects from WizNYC, The Manhattan Magician and I (Marketer Magician)

Just like the picture above, steps to create magic and mentalism effects might look confusing at first, but if you lean in closer you will see that the magic and mentalism creation process is as easy as ABC.

The 3 Amigos of Magic and Mentalism

WizNYC (The Wizard of New York City), Manhattan Magician and I (Marketer Magician) call ourselves “The 3 Amigos of Magic and Mentalism.” The 3 of us share a passion for inventing magic tricks, stage illusions and mentalism effects. And the exciting thing is that the approach to developing is the same, regardless of the category of magic that it falls under.

The Veil is Removed

Magicians and Mentalists who professionally create prestidigitation secrets, might want you to think that it is super tough to pull a new effect out of your hat, but the truth is that the process of doing so is not as difficult as it might appear (magic pun intended). Why? Because if you know the steps to create magic, all you have to do is follow them while bringing your own unique creativity to the table.

Steps to Create Magic, Illusions and Mentalism

Although there are sub steps within sub steps, as well as sub steps within those sub steps, in its big picture form, steps to create magic and mentalism are pretty straight forward..

A. Decide which magic/mentalism effect creation process you will be using, either effect to secret or secret to effect.

B. If you choose “effect to secret,” look at the workings of other effects in the same category (appearing, disappearing, transforming etc.) or if you will take the “secret to effect” route, look at the secret components to mix and match until the result of which you are happy about.

C. Test and tweak.

As you can see steps to create and invent magic and mentalism, truly is as easy as ABC.