Ten Steps to Magic

“Method How,” a possible site to be created with a focus on providing a “Method How” to do various things, and brings up a question as to whether or not a “Method How” to do something is vital to success? Some say “yes” while others say “no.”

Get ready to be startled by how easy it may soon be to get trade secrets of for which the “Method How” was once gold. “Method How,” if it does become a reality as a website, will have the goal to make things easier for people in terms of running their businesses as well as having a better, more enjoyable life.

And from a mathematical standpoint it is interesting to note that the plan at this stage, is to have all “Method How” strategies be exactly ten action steps long. Pushing further into the math might also mean that each of those ten steps, if desired, could be themselves then divided. Meaning that a single step could become ten steps. And if this was done step by step, Ten steps could become one hundred steps.

Here at “Marketer Magician,” due to the fact that we are a part of the Blog Coalition, were able to access a step by step example of steps to take toward success. Please note that these steps are not the “how” it is done but rather are just steps. The “how” of each step would come later if “Method How” gets the green light. Here are the ten steps to a possible marketing solution for entrepreneurs.

Method How to Understand Customers Better?
Method How to Find out Where Your Customers are?
Method How to Get Customers to Know You Exist?
Method How to Have Customers Come to You?
Method How to Make Your Customers Happy?
Method How to Keep You Customers with You?
Method How to Get Customers to Get You More Customers?
Method How to Always Have New Customers?
Method How to Have Best Products/Services for Customers?
Method How to Win Competition and Get Customers First?

We, as well as other members of the Blog Coalition, will do our best to keep you updated if in fact “Method How” turns out to be launched.


Looking for Magic During the Pandemic

Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

If you are like many small businesses during these challenging times, the magic may have disappeared from the doing of your entrepreneurial tasks. For some who are having unreasonable limitations put upon themselves due to the Pandemic, sadly their businesses may never recover. These are serious times that require serious solutions. The Marketer Magician wants to help. He does not always have enough time to update this blog, but his plans are to make it into a resource for promotional ideas on a budget.

Big Tech May Still be Worth a Shot (No Vaccine Pun Intended)

Working with big tech, meaning doing ads with search engines, social media and online video, may actually have more value than doing low cost traditional old school small business marketing. Fees can be high, but if you do enough research you will likely figure out a way to make it work for your company or home business. The current strategy being used by some is using online promoting to reach potential customers for your local in-person retail business. The reason is that you can have laser accuracy in reaching people living just around the corner from your place of business.

Marketer Magician has an Idea to Share

Marketer Magician suggests that if you are going to give big tech a try, do not spend on anything until you have done your research. For example, sometimes going with the biggest search engine does not make sense because it is too costly. Check out some of the smaller search engines and you might get a deal reaching the exact same individuals that you would through a larger one. If you have more time on your hands because your business is on an imposed hiatus, it does not hurt to look into some of the online marketing opportunities you have available to you. All the best.


Dream a Magic Dream

A magician we know well is writing a book about getting on your billionaire path. We thought this might be of interest to marketer magicians. Here’s is an excerpt from the eBook work in progress:

Getting a Rush from the Process

The advice from most billionaires is to not be afraid to DREAM BIG. For many it is the fun of the process and overcoming obstacles as being an exciting sport of sorts. There have been reports that billionaires think of the rush they get when they get one step closer to realizing their plan, their dream.

Are You Having Fun?

A lot of individuals we explored said that they do what they do because it is fun to them. They ask the question “Why do it if you are not having fun.” In that sense this is why getting on the billionaire path may not be for you. Do you take failure personally? You may not have what it takes, because a special quality that billionaires have is to always believe they are right, and the others are wrong. And true billionaires who are wrong don’t necessarily acknowledge the mistake and instead forge ahead with a new variation of their plan.

Will Reach the Base in Time?

The real point we are trying to make is that unless you enjoy being on the road of having excitement of ups and, yes, downs, getting on the billionaire path may not be for you. And the path is always changing because the world and technology are ever changing, as is the financial context and more. You need to be able to reset. To recognizing where things are going ahead of what others may think, and then acting accordingly to get to the base first.


Who Are You?

This is written for a niche within a niche within a niche.

You may only be the first niche which is people who own (or want to start) a home-based business with the help of other home business achievers.

But again, that is only the first niche. Then the niche within that niche is people who desire a new approach to marketing followed by the final niche within a niche within a niche which consists of people who are very smart and emotional who have found that conventional paths are not for them.

So ultimately, putting all the niches in sequence at once, we are seeking out:

People who own (or want to start) a home-based business with the help of other home business achievers as well as desire a new approach to marketing while at the same time being very smart and emotional having found that conventional paths are not for them.


Marketer Magician Gets Recognized

The curtains are about to be opened for Marketer Magician!

Develop a Thicker Skin

One of the biggest reasons that people take on being a performing artist is that they yearn for recognition and acceptance. This is not so bad in and of itself, but can also come with a needy side that is not so great when it comes to being criticized either by other people or the press. This has happened many times to Marketer Magician so lately he has been working on developing a thicker skin. to the Rescue!

But just as he started working toward having a better barrier against unwarranted negativity, a very positive thing happened to him. His look about how to use imagination to advance your business and career was picked up by DIYdigi.

Kudos for Marketer Magician

This was great for him because he worked hard on the article posted. To read it please go here. Marketer Magician found his inspiration from the Einstein quote:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein.”


Marketer Magician Uses His Phone a Lot

A Media Replacement

Marketer Magician uses his phone a lot as do many people. For him, his phone is a tool with several facets that include his a camera (he has a tripod for it), a voice recorder, a still camera and much more. He recently got rid of a lot of his media equipment because his phone takes the place of them.

Back in the Day

Marketer Magician is considering doing something on a regular basis such as a daily video show. In his youth, before there was YouTube and even MTV’s The Real World, he was breaking new ground by doing a weekly public access TV show in which he spoke into the camera about his life as do many YouTube creators today.

Lots of Phone Use

But whether he does this project or not, he continues to use his phone a lot.