Marketer Magician Gets Recognized

The curtains are about to be opened for Marketer Magician!

Develop a Thicker Skin

One of the biggest reasons that people take on being a performing artist is that they yearn for recognition and acceptance. This is not so bad in and of itself, but can also come with a needy side that is not so great when it comes to being criticized either by other people or the press. This has happened many times to Marketer Magician so lately he has been working on developing a thicker skin. to the Rescue!

But just as he started working toward having a better barrier against unwarranted negativity, a very positive thing happened to him. His look about how to use imagination to advance your business and career was picked up by DIYdigi.

Kudos for Marketer Magician

This was great for him because he worked hard on the article posted. To read it please go here. Marketer Magician found his inspiration from the Einstein quote:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein.”

Marketer Magician Uses His Phone a Lot

A Media Replacement

Marketer Magician uses his phone a lot as do many people. For him, his phone is a tool with several facets that include his a camera (he has a tripod for it), a voice recorder, a still camera and much more. He recently got rid of a lot of his media equipment because his phone takes the place of them.

Back in the Day

Marketer Magician is considering doing something on a regular basis such as a daily video show. In his youth, before there was YouTube and even MTV’s The Real World, he was breaking new ground by doing a weekly public access TV show in which he spoke into the camera about his life as do many YouTube creators today.

Lots of Phone Use

But whether he does this project or not, he continues to use his phone a lot.