METHOD HOW to First Become a Professional Magician, then if You Decide You Want it, Go to the Top as a Celebrity Magician

Look Up to See Where You Want to Be

People are resistant to change when it comes to entertainment; they’re selective about the things they watch and listen to. As a magician or mystic entertainer you must gain their interest by being memorable and original. After that, stay focused on your goal to develop wealth. This is difficult because you must earn money from performing performances for spectators. Getting gigs is hard enough but fame also? How do you do this. Is there a secret to the magic trick of gaining fame?

In actuality there is such a conjurer’s effect. It is to have strategies. As you know, those who are famous know how to “work it.” They have new strategy after new strategy after new strategy. In short, the understand how to pivot, depending on what they want and how to get to that stage. There are two kinds of strategies: “Strategies DIY” (Do it Yourself) or “Strategies DFY” (Done for You).

Some you reading this might think to yourself, I would like to do the DFY approach. I would like others, like a manager, who plots out my career so I don’t have to. Or, you might even think you need this sort of thing because left to your own access, you do not have the entertainment industry experience to just use your own resources.

To clarify the concept of “Strategies DFY,” this does not mean you get someone else to do your strategy for you, but instead is a way of describing that you will have the literal digital marketing tools you need to do your strategy custom created for you.

METHOD HOW is gaining momentum even though at the time of this post, they have not even launched yet. When they actually open their door for subscriptions for the METHOD HOW Report or contacted for info, it is not clear if they will be doing one of the two types of strategy (DIY and DFY) or only one.

But don’t sit around waiting for METHOD HOW to invite you in, it could be months or even years before they actually beckon in the public. Instead stay focused on developing your own strategies and then acting on them. Your goal is to make certain that your financial gain continues to grow. Even if dollars do not motivate you and you are doing magic because you are passionate about it, that’s great, but generally in magic the more you raise the amount of your bottom line, that correlates with your career as a professional magician, and fame if you decide to go that direction. Of course what makes this tough is “not knowing what you don’t know.”

Some people become successful entertainers because they’re naturally talented and very determined. However, most amateur entertainers fail due to lack of focus.

Instead of focusing on succeeding as an magician or mentalist, they focus on succeeding as an actor, dancer or singer. The irony here is that the more performing ability and training you have, the better. But wearing these other hats as a performing magician can distract you from your primary goal which is to succeed as a magic or mystic entertainer. To say it another way is that having many talents can help you with your magic performances, but still as far as marketing yourself and going strategy by strategy, this area should be focused on you being a prestidigitator!

Ten Steps to Magic

“Method How,” a possible site to be created with a focus on providing a “Method How” to do various things, and brings up a question as to whether or not a “Method How” to do something is vital to success? Some say “yes” while others say “no.”

Get ready to be startled by how easy it may soon be to get trade secrets of for which the “Method How” was once gold. “Method How,” if it does become a reality as a website, will have the goal to make things easier for people in terms of running their businesses as well as having a better, more enjoyable life.

And from a mathematical standpoint it is interesting to note that the plan at this stage, is to have all “Method How” strategies be exactly ten action steps long. Pushing further into the math might also mean that each of those ten steps, if desired, could be themselves then divided. Meaning that a single step could become ten steps. And if this was done step by step, Ten steps could become one hundred steps.

Here at “Marketer Magician,” due to the fact that we are a part of the Blog Coalition, were able to access a step by step example of steps to take toward success. Please note that these steps are not the “how” it is done but rather are just steps. The “how” of each step would come later if “Method How” gets the green light. Here are the ten steps to a possible marketing solution for entrepreneurs.

Method How to Understand Customers Better?
Method How to Find out Where Your Customers are?
Method How to Get Customers to Know You Exist?
Method How to Have Customers Come to You?
Method How to Make Your Customers Happy?
Method How to Keep You Customers with You?
Method How to Get Customers to Get You More Customers?
Method How to Always Have New Customers?
Method How to Have Best Products/Services for Customers?
Method How to Win Competition and Get Customers First?

We, as well as other members of the Blog Coalition, will do our best to keep you updated if in fact “Method How” turns out to be launched.

Whether You Want to Be an Online Magic Consultant or Magic Magazine Editor, Just Like all Jobs in Magic, You Need to Be a Marketer Magician

On Top of Everything Else, are You a Marketer Magician?

Every kind of magician and mentalist, as well as those who work in other kinds of jobs within the magic and entertainment industry, know that they have to not only be a MagicPreneur to keep their career on track, but just as importantly they need to wear the hat of being Marketer Magician.

Marketer Magician and MagicPreneur?

Two jobs that rely on the importance of being both a MagicPreneur and Marketer Magician are that of Online Magic Consultant as well as Magic Magazine Editor.

Online Magic Consultant

Although this is a relatively new position in the magic industry, being an Online Magic Consultant actually has a lot of demand out there for it, if you can tap into it. The ideal candidate for this position might be someone who has a background as a MagicPreneur and Marketer Magician as well as much online knowledge in areas including, web broadcasting of live events, building websites and so one.

Many Digital Hats

Online is a category in and of itself. You can lecture online. Perform online and so on. In fact, the astute future Online Magic Consultant might want to wear all those hats plus many other, each utilizing some faucet of the web and ultimately each activity being done to communicate about options available for those interested in working with an Online Magic Consultant.

Magic Magazine Editor

In the past a Magic Magazine Editor might be selected based on that individual having had positions on other publications in the past, each job a step up toward that of editor either at the same publication or a different one.

Tough Trick

In the magic world creating a successful magic magazine is indeed a tough magic trick to perform. There are only a few successful ones, with lots of other related undertakings like blogs and newsletter.

Why You When They Can Get the Same Info Free Online?

Magic magazines in both online and hardcopy versions can potentially be a source of income for you. Like everything else though, the disruptions of technology have given wide access to anyone with a computer to look at and learn about magic in general, as wells a how to perform effects. All this for free.

Membership Site Paradigm Done Better, with Better Marketing?

So how do you compete with your new magic magazine idea against an already established publication or search engines and video sites that open the door to the free magic experience? This is possible, but how do you pull this proverbial rabbit out of the hat? You must have an awesome “out of the box” idea that can be monetized. Such as a membership site for magicians and mentalists only.

Magic Education

Or even along the lines of online learning. The suggestion would be to start by establishing all forms of education on the web, then slice and dice it into it magically becomes a means of getting content for a fee. Content that is not available anywhere else. The audience could be professional magicians, semi-pros, hobbyists, beginners or other jobs in the business of magic.

“Cause Marketing” to Promote Your Business as You “Give Back” – It all Starts with Digital”

Marketer Magician makes a Suggestion to Small Businesses to “Give Back” Via Cause Marketing”

Hi, thank you for joining us. My name is Marketer Magician and in this brief post I am going to talk about “Cause Marketing” and how today, more than ever, whether you are a business owner or are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, the web truly does provide an opportunity.

What is the Opportunity?

The opportunity consists of showing how you, as an American, can learn how to grow your business online, one strategy at a time. How? Imagine if there was such a thing as being able to Celebify your business and make it well known? Or wouldn’t it be fun if you could Become a Mentalist and and predict the future to know your best next business move? Or how about being in one of the most challenging cities in the world? Would you like to have the confidence to be like “Manhattan Magician” and take on and win against intensive competition in NYC? And how about if you could do so, as if by magic? Sound too good to be true? Here is where “Causing Marketing” comes in.

What is Cause Marketing?

Cause Marketing is a method of promoting yourself or your business, that involves, you, the business owner, sponsoring a nonprofit or other local community group or national “Cause.” The idea is a win-win situation through which everyone involved benefits. The community receives help with issue being dealt with, while the local entrepreneur who puts it together is happy to help because that person receives interest from the community regarding their products and services.

Doing Our Part Can be Magic

Doing our part is doing our best to remain upbeat in these days of COVID. It’s not easy for many of us, but some vendors have it especially challenging. This tends to be true of those who do not have enough of their products and services converted to digital capabilities. These days, going digital can protect your business. How? Because it is not about just in-person commerce but can continue to function as long as that person has online access and therefore can log into managing their online products and services! It is really that simple. More on this soon in one of the blogs of the Blog Coalition!

Steps to Create and Invent Magic Tricks, Stage Illusions and Mentalism Effects from WizNYC, The Manhattan Magician and I (Marketer Magician)

Just like the picture above, steps to create magic and mentalism effects might look confusing at first, but if you lean in closer you will see that the magic and mentalism creation process is as easy as ABC.

The 3 Amigos of Magic and Mentalism

WizNYC (The Wizard of New York City), Manhattan Magician and I (Marketer Magician) call ourselves “The 3 Amigos of Magic and Mentalism.” The 3 of us share a passion for inventing magic tricks, stage illusions and mentalism effects. And the exciting thing is that the approach to developing is the same, regardless of the category of magic that it falls under.

The Veil is Removed

Magicians and Mentalists who professionally create prestidigitation secrets, might want you to think that it is super tough to pull a new effect out of your hat, but the truth is that the process of doing so is not as difficult as it might appear (magic pun intended). Why? Because if you know the steps to create magic, all you have to do is follow them while bringing your own unique creativity to the table.

Steps to Create Magic, Illusions and Mentalism

Although there are sub steps within sub steps, as well as sub steps within those sub steps, in its big picture form, steps to create magic and mentalism are pretty straight forward..

A. Decide which magic/mentalism effect creation process you will be using, either effect to secret or secret to effect.

B. If you choose “effect to secret,” look at the workings of other effects in the same category (appearing, disappearing, transforming etc.) or if you will take the “secret to effect” route, look at the secret components to mix and match until the result of which you are happy about.

C. Test and tweak.

As you can see steps to create and invent magic and mentalism, truly is as easy as ABC.

Marketer Magician Wonders if eCommerce will Work like Magic for You?

Something that You Might Want to Point Your Marketing Magic Towards

As “Marketer Magician” both in name and profession, my primary goal is to help others have success with marketing and promotion. We live in a special time in which it is easier than ever to become an entrepreneur, or even more specifically, an online entrepreneur. To my friends reading this from the magic profession, I am reaching out to you and want to let you know that I have empathy for what you have been going through in this pandemic. It is not easy being a professional magician in the first place but add to that not being able to do in-person magic shows with a live audience, takes away your primary source of income. Yes, many of you adapted and made Zoom your new performance venue and I applaud you for that. But in this post, since I do not have time to do updates on a regular basis, I want to show you something that you might find useful as a potential income stream. My friend Manhattan Magician got me permission from his eBook writer friends to publish the material below. It is about how to start an eCommerce store. Why should magicians consider eCommerce as an income stream? The answer to this question can be found within you as a conjuring professional. Turn up your magic creativity and see what concepts you come up with. I know that things my bud Manhattan Magician was thinking about was to sell eBooks about doing magic or do an online course on finger flinging. But that is just the start of what having an eCommerce could do for you. Peace out from me the Marketer Magician as I introduce excerpts from my friend Manhattan Magician for the material that he got from his digital expert clan. Enjoy the eCommerce possibilities.

Can Having an Ecommerce Site Help Your Business Grow?

Many entrepreneurs who have brick and motor in-person types of business are considering the benefits or lack thereof of starting an eCommerce division for what they are currently selling, or in the case of not having products, is there some kind of related merchandise that is possible to be sold on the web? One of the reasons that entrepreneurs are considering this is to always have an additional income stream online if ever something like the pandemic happens again. They answer can only come about with taking a cold hard look at your industry and deciding if two streams of income, online and in-person will ultimately help each other. In other words, can you use one to drive traffic to the other and vice versa? Will this result in a bigger number coming in or will it just confuse your customers and could even result in having a loss of profit?

What is the best eCommerce Platform for Small Businesses?

As you may have noticed if you have been researching eCommerce platforms on the web, there are many to choose from. And much depends on what type of product are you selling? Is it physical products that you are making available and for which you need to keep track of in inventory? Or maybe you are you maybe you are offering digital download products like eBooks and online courses? So right off the bat you can separate which platforms can sell physical products in contrast with, what kinds of platforms can take care of processing orders and automatically making it possible for your customer to download your eBooks or give access to your online courses. Depending on if you are selling physical or digital products, you can now eliminate the platforms that do not work for you. Another way you can decide about which platform you should use is compare the different kinds of payment processors they will be using to pay you your money. Or which platform seems easiest to use? Which platform has all the features you need for your industry, and so on.

What eCommerce Platform is Best for Drop shipping?

Drop shipping essentially means that your eCommerce store takes the order and receives payment from the customer, and you then have someone else do the packing and the shipping. You need to ask yourself a few questions. Will I get or make the products and must ship them to the go-between? Or will I be selling their products that they already have in stock so all I need to do is give them the information of where to ship the goods?  You need to figure out how much will you charge per product, and will that be enough to both pay the shippers and still make a profit on your end?

Looking for Magic During the Pandemic

Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

If you are like many small businesses during these challenging times, the magic may have disappeared from the doing of your entrepreneurial tasks. For some who are having unreasonable limitations put upon themselves due to the Pandemic, sadly their businesses may never recover. These are serious times that require serious solutions. The Marketer Magician wants to help. He does not always have enough time to update this blog, but his plans are to make it into a resource for promotional ideas on a budget.

Big Tech May Still be Worth a Shot (No Vaccine Pun Intended)

Working with big tech, meaning doing ads with search engines, social media and online video, may actually have more value than doing low cost traditional old school small business marketing. Fees can be high, but if you do enough research you will likely figure out a way to make it work for your company or home business. The current strategy being used by some is using online promoting to reach potential customers for your local in-person retail business. The reason is that you can have laser accuracy in reaching people living just around the corner from your place of business.

Marketer Magician has an Idea to Share

Marketer Magician suggests that if you are going to give big tech a try, do not spend on anything until you have done your research. For example, sometimes going with the biggest search engine does not make sense because it is too costly. Check out some of the smaller search engines and you might get a deal reaching the exact same individuals that you would through a larger one. If you have more time on your hands because your business is on an imposed hiatus, it does not hurt to look into some of the online marketing opportunities you have available to you. All the best.

Yianni Stamas Talks a Bit About Illusion and Truth on New Year’s Eve

A New Year Philosophical Moment

On this New Year’s Eve, as we are about to enter 2021, the hope is that it will be a year of fewer complications than 2020, such as the Pandemic and a divided America. I get asked sometimes what is meant by Marketer Magician’s phrase “Bringing Closer Together Illusion and Truth?”

A Sense of Ourselves

The best person to answer this question would be Marketer Magician himself. I have had many conversations with him about this concept and I think that he may be speaking of the way that many of us have a sense of ourselves which does not necessarily coincide with reality.


I know this is a constant battle internally for me. Interestingly enough though, is that many who are driven, seem to be doing so because of a seemingly a self-aggrandizing false belief they have of themselves. Though, ironically, if they are very passionate about that thing and don’t have a lot of self doubt standing in their way, they have a shot at becoming quite successful. In other words, maybe the seemingly untrue sense of themselves they had in the beginning, does over time as they accomplish certain goals, become a reality?!

Two Brothers with Different Outcomes

There are two brothers (not the Stamas Bros!), one who I met early on and the other who I got to know better while he was in the beginning stages of his career. The brother who I got to know better than the other is quite successful now and you likely have heard of him. While the other brother is much less known.

Most Likely to Succeed?

They both grew up with the same father and mother and both brothers were very ambitious while they were young. But for some reason only one brother realized his ambitions while the other has not. And the funny thing is that the brother who is currently seemingly unhappy with his life, was, at a certain point early on, thought to be the one most likely to succeed!

Which is the Correct Truth?

So, even though the goal might be to bring closer together illusion and truth, maybe those who we sometimes think have illusions (or even delusions) about their personal truth, can prove us all wrong. How? Possibly because their truth was the right truth all along?!

Happy New Year 2021 everyone and may you and your illusions and truths come closer together in the New Year!

Dream a Magic Dream

A magician we know well is writing a book about getting on your billionaire path. We thought this might be of interest to marketer magicians. Here’s is an excerpt from the eBook work in progress:

Getting a Rush from the Process

The advice from most billionaires is to not be afraid to DREAM BIG. For many it is the fun of the process and overcoming obstacles as being an exciting sport of sorts. There have been reports that billionaires think of the rush they get when they get one step closer to realizing their plan, their dream.

Are You Having Fun?

A lot of individuals we explored said that they do what they do because it is fun to them. They ask the question “Why do it if you are not having fun.” In that sense this is why getting on the billionaire path may not be for you. Do you take failure personally? You may not have what it takes, because a special quality that billionaires have is to always believe they are right, and the others are wrong. And true billionaires who are wrong don’t necessarily acknowledge the mistake and instead forge ahead with a new variation of their plan.

Will Reach the Base in Time?

The real point we are trying to make is that unless you enjoy being on the road of having excitement of ups and, yes, downs, getting on the billionaire path may not be for you. And the path is always changing because the world and technology are ever changing, as is the financial context and more. You need to be able to reset. To recognizing where things are going ahead of what others may think, and then acting accordingly to get to the base first.

Who Are You?

This is written for a niche within a niche within a niche. You may only be the first niche which is people who own (or want to start) a home-based business with the help of other home business achievers. But again, that is only the first niche. Then the niche within that niche is people who desire a new approach to marketing followed by the final niche within a niche within a niche which consists of people who are very smart and emotional who have found that conventional paths are not for them. So ultimately, putting all the niches in sequence at once, we are seeking out:

People who own (or want to start) a home-based business with the help of other home business achievers as well as desire a new approach to marketing while at the same time being very smart and emotional having found that conventional paths are not for them.

If this is you, we recommend reading Home Business Achievers to learn even more things about yourself that may be blocking you from the success you want.