See Where You Want to Be

METHOD HOW to First Become a Professional Magician, then if You Decide You Want it, Go to the Top as a Celebrity Magician

Look Up to See Where You Want to Be

People are resistant to change when it comes to entertainment; they’re selective about the things they watch and listen to. As a magician or mystic entertainer you must gain their interest by being memorable and original. After that, stay focused on your goal to develop wealth. This is difficult because you must earn money from performing performances for spectators. Getting gigs is hard enough but fame also? How do you do this. Is there a secret to the magic trick of gaining fame?

In actuality there is such a conjurer’s effect. It is to have strategies. As you know, those who are famous know how to “work it.” They have new strategy after new strategy after new strategy. In short, the understand how to pivot, depending on what they want and how to get to that stage. There are two kinds of strategies: “Strategies DIY” (Do it Yourself) or “Strategies DFY” (Done for You).

Some you reading this might think to yourself, I would like to do the DFY approach. I would like others, like a manager, who plots out my career so I don’t have to. Or, you might even think you need this sort of thing because left to your own access, you do not have the entertainment industry experience to just use your own resources.

To clarify the concept of “Strategies DFY,” this does not mean you get someone else to do your strategy for you, but instead is a way of describing that you will have the literal digital marketing tools you need to do your strategy custom created for you.

METHOD HOW is gaining momentum even though at the time of this post, they have not even launched yet. When they actually open their door for subscriptions for the METHOD HOW Report or contacted for info, it is not clear if they will be doing one of the two types of strategy (DIY and DFY) or only one.

But don’t sit around waiting for METHOD HOW to invite you in, it could be months or even years before they actually beckon in the public. Instead stay focused on developing your own strategies and then acting on them. Your goal is to make certain that your financial gain continues to grow. Even if dollars do not motivate you and you are doing magic because you are passionate about it, that’s great, but generally in magic the more you raise the amount of your bottom line, that correlates with your career as a professional magician, and fame if you decide to go that direction. Of course what makes this tough is “not knowing what you don’t know.”

Some people become successful entertainers because they’re naturally talented and very determined. However, most amateur entertainers fail due to lack of focus.

Instead of focusing on succeeding as an magician or mentalist, they focus on succeeding as an actor, dancer or singer. The irony here is that the more performing ability and training you have, the better. But wearing these other hats as a performing magician can distract you from your primary goal which is to succeed as a magic or mystic entertainer. To say it another way is that having many talents can help you with your magic performances, but still as far as marketing yourself and going strategy by strategy, this area should be focused on you being a prestidigitator!