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Marketer Magician Wonders if eCommerce will Work like Magic for You?

Something that You Might Want to Point Your Marketing Magic Towards

As “Marketer Magician” both in name and profession, my primary goal is to help others have success with marketing and promotion. We live in a special time in which it is easier than ever to become an entrepreneur, or even more specifically, an online entrepreneur. To my friends reading this from the magic profession, I am reaching out to you and want to let you know that I have empathy for what you have been going through in this pandemic. It is not easy being a professional magician in the first place but add to that not being able to do in-person magic shows with a live audience, takes away your primary source of income. Yes, many of you adapted and made Zoom your new performance venue and I applaud you for that. But in this post, since I do not have time to do updates on a regular basis, I want to show you something that you might find useful as a potential income stream. My friend Manhattan Magician got me permission from his eBook writer friends to publish the material below. It is about how to start an eCommerce store. Why should magicians consider eCommerce as an income stream? The answer to this question can be found within you as a conjuring professional. Turn up your magic creativity and see what concepts you come up with. I know that things my bud Manhattan Magician was thinking about was to sell eBooks about doing magic or do an online course on finger flinging. But that is just the start of what having an eCommerce could do for you. Peace out from me the Marketer Magician as I introduce excerpts from my friend Manhattan Magician for the material that he got from his digital expert clan. Enjoy the eCommerce possibilities.

Can Having an Ecommerce Site Help Your Business Grow?

Many entrepreneurs who have brick and motor in-person types of business are considering the benefits or lack thereof of starting an eCommerce division for what they are currently selling, or in the case of not having products, is there some kind of related merchandise that is possible to be sold on the web? One of the reasons that entrepreneurs are considering this is to always have an additional income stream online if ever something like the pandemic happens again. They answer can only come about with taking a cold hard look at your industry and deciding if two streams of income, online and in-person will ultimately help each other. In other words, can you use one to drive traffic to the other and vice versa? Will this result in a bigger number coming in or will it just confuse your customers and could even result in having a loss of profit?

What is the best eCommerce Platform for Small Businesses?

As you may have noticed if you have been researching eCommerce platforms on the web, there are many to choose from. And much depends on what type of product are you selling? Is it physical products that you are making available and for which you need to keep track of in inventory? Or maybe you are you maybe you are offering digital download products like eBooks and online courses? So right off the bat you can separate which platforms can sell physical products in contrast with, what kinds of platforms can take care of processing orders and automatically making it possible for your customer to download your eBooks or give access to your online courses. Depending on if you are selling physical or digital products, you can now eliminate the platforms that do not work for you. Another way you can decide about which platform you should use is compare the different kinds of payment processors they will be using to pay you your money. Or which platform seems easiest to use? Which platform has all the features you need for your industry, and so on.

What eCommerce Platform is Best for Drop shipping?

Drop shipping essentially means that your eCommerce store takes the order and receives payment from the customer, and you then have someone else do the packing and the shipping. You need to ask yourself a few questions. Will I get or make the products and must ship them to the go-between? Or will I be selling their products that they already have in stock so all I need to do is give them the information of where to ship the goods?  You need to figure out how much will you charge per product, and will that be enough to both pay the shippers and still make a profit on your end?