Looking for Magic During the Pandemic

Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

If you are like many small businesses during these challenging times, the magic may have disappeared from the doing of your entrepreneurial tasks. For some who are having unreasonable limitations put upon themselves due to the Pandemic, sadly their businesses may never recover. These are serious times that require serious solutions. The Marketer Magician wants to help. He does not always have enough time to update this blog, but his plans are to make it into a resource for promotional ideas on a budget.

Big Tech May Still be Worth a Shot (No Vaccine Pun Intended)

Working with big tech, meaning doing ads with search engines, social media and online video, may actually have more value than doing low cost traditional old school small business marketing. Fees can be high, but if you do enough research you will likely figure out a way to make it work for your company or home business. The current strategy being used by some is using online promoting to reach potential customers for your local in-person retail business. The reason is that you can have laser accuracy in reaching people living just around the corner from your place of business.

Marketer Magician has an Idea to Share

Marketer Magician suggests that if you are going to give big tech a try, do not spend on anything until you have done your research. For example, sometimes going with the biggest search engine does not make sense because it is too costly. Check out some of the smaller search engines and you might get a deal reaching the exact same individuals that you would through a larger one. If you have more time on your hands because your business is on an imposed hiatus, it does not hurt to look into some of the online marketing opportunities you have available to you. All the best.